Financial translations

Financial translations of annual reports, insurance policies and balance sheets are complex documents with a lot riding on them. You want to be sure that every last detail is translated correctly and nothing is left to chance.

Translating a financial text is a big challenge. Each country has its own jargon and terminology, so you really need to know what you are doing.

Financial translations for major market players

HHCE has been translating financial and insurance-related texts for over fifteen years now, so we’ve got plenty of experience. Our translators are real specialists, many of them having worked in the financial sector. This is what keeps major players like ING and Nationale-Nederlanden coming back to us time and again.

Over the years, we have really got to grips with the financial jargon used in the countries we are translating for. And if there happens to be something we don’t know, we painstakingly search through annual reports, balance sheets and insurance policies until we find the right term. This gives our translations the accuracy and precision needed in a such a complex field. We are also well aware of the sensitivity of this subject matter, so we have set up our processes to accommodate this issue.

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They know the jargon inside out

jouwPensioenplan helps employers and companies with their pension schemes and related communications. We show our customers the way through the maze of red tape, set up pension schemes and advise them so they can make the right choices.

I worked for various major financial service providers before setting up jouwPensioenplan.nl, so I already knew HHCE and was happy with their work. When jouwPensioenplan landed its first international customers, it was obvious which translation company I should choose.

The financial sector is one where it is particularly important to have your documents translated by a professional who has fully mastered the relevant jargon. HHCE translated our General Terms & Conditions and our contracts. That’s not a job I would entrust to a beginner — it’s got to be someone with years of proven experience. You only need to take one look at HHCE’s testimonials to see that they are the right people for the job. They work for the likes of ING and Nationale-Nederlanden — market-leading companies that only settle for the very best.

Obviously, the quality HHCE delivers is the most important thing, but the personal contact is a real bonus. The company is big enough to be able to handle urgent jobs quickly, but small enough to keep the personal touch.

Frank van den Akker,

Owner jouw Pensioenplan


We wanted a company that felt committed to our work

Antea Group has grown a lot in recent years and our focus has become increasingly international. This meant that we needed help with our communications abroad, from a company that would grow along with us and that knows what it’s like to work in a multicultural environment. It also had to be a company we could trust. HHCE really fits the bill and we are happy to have them as our preferred supplier.

Anyone who works with HHCE will see how passionate, knowledgeable and professional the staff are. Not only in the work they deliver, but just as much, if not more, in their personal contact. They are extremely flexible and can help us out at the drop of a hat if necessary. But most importantly, they are really interested in us and what we do, and that makes working with HHCE really nice.

Kitty Pauwels

Communications and PR Staff Group Manager, Antea Group


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