Marketing and communications translations

A good marketing and communications translation needs dialogue

Everyone knows that you can’t translate a marketing and communications text word for word. Even so, it’s not unusual to realise that you are just not happy with the marketing and communications translations you’ve just had done. Maybe it’s because the text doesn’t fit in with your company’s corporate style, the sentences are too long or too short, or maybe the text just doesn’t sound right.

So what happened? It could be that the translators weren’t the right people for the job, but it could also be that they simply don’t know enough about you and your company. HHCE always asks questions about your expectations, vision and approach, as well as which message and image you want to get across. Close consultation is crucial to the first few translations. Although this takes a little time, it does help us get to know your company, and results in better marketing and communications translations.

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Business communications translations

Having committed, loyal employees is crucial if you want your organisation to be a success, as happy staff go the extra mile and enjoy their work more. But if your staff are thousands of miles away and speak a completely different language, what can you do to keep them happy? Simply sending a newsletter in English every now and then just won’t cut it. Let us help you.

HHCE knows that communicating with staff in their own language increases their commitment and improves their performance. What is more, speaking to them on their own level and in their own language will get your message across much more clearly. If you want your international employees to remain loyal, you need to get your translations just right, using not only the right language, but also the right tone of voice, and making sure your texts are appropriate to the target audience.

Numerous companies have already benefited from our business communications translations, and we have helped them optimise their processes, as well as taking care of their texts. Let us make our expertise work for you too.

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Our partners are a great asset to us

Towards the end of 2014, Noordhoff Uitgevers published the Food Atlas of the Netherlands, a beautiful but complex atlas. We produced the book together with various partners, including different companies, ministries and provincial authorities, all of whom have a lot riding on the accuracy of the texts, maps and graphics presented. They therefore wanted to the opportunity to give their input throughout the entire production process, which of course makes sense.

When it came to translating the atlas, I wanted a small-scale company, one with short lines of communication. When you’re working on a project with so many different partners, personal contact is absolutely vital. I knew that HHCE would make sure everything ran smoothly and their personal approach was just what I needed.

First of all, HHCE worked together with Nordhoff Uitgevers in compiling a glossary, and I knew right away that this partnership was going to work. We asked the experts in each field to check the glossary. HHCE had provided sound reasoning for each translated term, but remained open to discussion when people had other ideas. This really facilitated the relationship with our partners. HHCE discussed certain terms with the experts themselves, so the right decision was made quickly. The glossary proved to be invaluable, as it prevented a lot of discussion when our partners came to review the finished translation.

I really liked how HHCE remained critical. After all, even if the customer is always right, that’s no reason to be nonchalant about what you do. Luckily, they only deliver work that they are happy with themselves.

Amanda Possel

Atlas Productions Team Manager, Noordhoff Uitgevers bv


We wanted a company that felt committed to our work

Antea Group has grown a lot in recent years and our focus has become increasingly international. This meant that we needed help with our communications abroad, from a company that would grow along with us and that knows what it’s like to work in a multicultural environment. It also had to be a company we could trust. HHCE really fits the bill and we are happy to have them as our preferred supplier.

Anyone who works with HHCE will see how passionate, knowledgeable and professional the staff are. Not only in the work they deliver, but just as much, if not more, in their personal contact. They are extremely flexible and can help us out at the drop of a hat if necessary. But most importantly, they are really interested in us and what we do, and that makes working with HHCE really nice.

Kitty Pauwels

Communications and PR Staff Group Manager, Antea Group


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