Website translations: how do you go about creating a multilingual website?

75% of internet users only buy products if information is available in their own language, so having a multilingual website will open up a world of opportunities to you. But what’s the best way to translate a website and how should you make the necessary arrangements?

Just like with all your other communications, translating your website requires a professional approach from an experienced, certified company that works efficiently and manages the costs. HHCE provides professional website translations. Let us get involved in the early stages and we will talk to your site builder to come up with a sound plan of action.

Website translations: importing and exporting content for translation

Our state-of-the-art software enables us to translate your website at the source, or to export the content and import it back into the site after translation. The advantage of this is that you no longer have to provide your texts in Word format and insert the translations into the website yourself. We translate websites without the hassle of copy and pasting, at no extra charge.

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It’s great working with someone who gets you right away

“LaVerbe takes care of communications for a wide range of companies and organisations, from national government bodies to local non-profits. We rely on HHCE’s translations for several of our customers, including Rijkswaterstaat and InterChem.

Good translations are crucial to us. Obviously because we want to deliver top-notch work, but also because the quality we deliver affects our reputation. HHCE’s translations go straight to our customers, and if HHCE were to do anything wrong, I’d be the one with a problem. That is a major responsibility, but luckily we know that HHCE can handle it.

HHCE knows what’s going on in our field, which makes the partnership so effective. They’re very quick to understand what we need, it’s brilliant! I’d already noticed that when working together with one of HHCE’s directors, Elsbeth Rooker, on a project for St Steven’s church in Nijmegen. I was impressed by her marketing and communications expertise and soon saw that she really knew what we meant. Her experience is highly valuable to the partnership.

HHCE also has the personal touch. The staff always keep their promises and they work quickly and efficiently – just what you want from a partner.”

Yuliana Lie

Senior Project Manager, LaVerbe


HHCE is very thorough

i-Matic is a design company, and we provide our customers with the widest range of services imaginable. As well as developing visual images for brands, products and organisations, we offer ‘complete packages’, comprising strategy support and copywriting and translation services, alongside the graphic design side of things. Translation is where HHCE comes in.

Our partnership with HHCE has intensified over the years, giving HHCE a better idea of our needs and requirements. This makes collaboration very efficient. One particular benefit for us is HHCE’s ability to translate IDML files. That cuts out the copy and pasting at our end, speeding up the whole process and also significantly reducing the risk of errors.

Each and every one of our customers is happy with HHCE’s work. Luckily for us, because HHCE’s services make them an extended part of our company. It always makes me happy to hear positive feedback on the translations.

When I work with HHCE, the thing that stands out most of all is that the staff are so thorough in what they do. They really get to grips with the subject matter, ask for additional information and put themselves in both the customer’s and the target audience’s shoes. That sort of commitment gives you outstanding quality.

Before working with HHCE, we used to have individual native speakers take care of translations for our customers. Although the native speakers were all professionals, things still went wrong now and then. A term that had been translated one way was translated differently the next time, for instance, and the translations weren’t always really suited to the target group. That’s a shame, because if the language isn’t spot on, our customers won’t make the sale. HHCE’s approach is completely different – the staff are consistent, know who the target audience is and come up with creative solutions that give us simply brilliant results.

Aart de Kruijf

Co-owner i-Matic


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