When looking for a company to take care of our translations and international communications, we wanted one that we had a good feeling about and that we could trust unconditionally with our texts. HHCE was exactly what we were looking for and that makes working with HHCE really nice.

Kitty Pauwels Communications and PR Staff Group Manager, Antea Group

Our translations are about technical, often hydraulic, products in an extensive field. That means you've got a lot of technical terms on your hands, that all need translating into as many as eighteen languages. Luckily, HHCE has built up a massive translation memory for us, which saves a lot of hassle.

Karel van Galen Marketing Communications Manager, Enerpac

I was looking for a small-scale company with short lines of communication to translate the Food Atlas of the Netherlands, and it had to be one that I could rely on to make sure everything ran smoothly. HHCE's personal approach was just what I needed.

Amanda Possel Atlas Productions Team Manager, Noordhoff Uitgevers bv
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