IT translations for the IT sector

IT translations involve more than just documentation

It takes time and resources to develop a software program. After putting in a lot of effort and sometimes years of hard work, you finally come up with a product that will give your customers the support they need. If you want to deliver your software in more than one language, you expect at least the same amount of effort to go into the IT translations, but preferably even more! That way your customers abroad get the very best too.

HHCE doesn’t just translate your IT texts, we also ensure that terminology is applied consistently, options are given logical, understandable names and links are clear. We translate complex financial software, but also take care of specialist IT documentation, such as technical and functional designs and internal guidelines for international programmers, on an almost daily basis.

Marketing and communications translations for IT companies

It is becoming increasingly important to keep your customers up to speed on the latest developments, and communicating through multiple channels is more important than ever before. HHCE also takes care of marketing and communications texts for the IT sector, helping you let customers and staff all over the world know about all your innovations and new methods.

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Software translations, a real specialist field

Sensus-methode BV maps and streamlines business processes. Basically, processes run more smoothly once people have started to use our method. But the method is not all we have to offer, we also create software for mapping, sharing and viewing business processes.

Our software is available in two versions — a complex and a simple version. The complex one is available in Dutch and English, while the simple one can be used in sixteen different languages. HHCE takes care of just about all of our translation work. Mailshots, websites, white papers, you name it. But also the software itself.

We didn’t have much experience with localising software, and HHCE really helped us out with that. They created a database of the software functions that had already been translated and we spent a lot of time working on it together. Although it took a great deal of time and effort, we can now be completely sure that the functions are translated correctly, and this really does save us a lot of time, especially since HHCE has also created a parser that inserts the translations into our software.

In my opinion, our partners need to be responsive and dynamic, and HHCE certainly is. Even if you’ve got an unexpected job that needs doing quickly, it’s no problem for HHCE and they come up with good solutions. That’s a nice way of working.

HHCE knows a lot about us and they have gone to great lengths to reach that stage: they’ve come to our offices a couple of times, and put a lot of time and energy into getting to know our company, our sector and our products. That’s not easy, because we make pretty complex products, but that didn’t put HHCE off. And why would it? After all, they have the capacity and expertise they need to do a fine job.

Michiel Ronde

Marketing Manager, Sensus-methode BV


We are more than happy to let HHCE take care of our technical texts

No two texts are the same. HSO is an international IT company that implements, manages and maintains Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SharePoint and BI solutions. Translating our technical texts about software, our whitepapers and blogs by our English-speaking colleagues is a complex task that you can only do properly if you have sound technical expertise. We wouldn’t let just anybody take care of our translations.

We know we can always rely on HHCE to deliver excellent translations, because technical expertise is what sets HHCE apart from other translation companies. Years of experience — and presumably numerous different customers — have given HHCE so much expertise that they can quite rightly call themselves IT specialists. They have a database full of technical terms in various contexts, which lets them translate accurately and quickly. As well saving time, this also cuts costs.

Another nice bonus is HHCE’s commitment. HHCE is always on the ball, anticipates our needs, asks lots of questions and doesn’t rest until the job is done well. I see this as major added value.

Jaimie van de Braak

Marketer, HSO


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